After Dinner Speaking

After Dinner speaking is an activity where skill and experience are as important as celebrity status.

He has developed his own inimitable speaking style which combines corporate finesse with sharp topical wit and has been described by the Mail on Sunday as “one of the funniest people in the UK”.

Graham’s speech content is a carefully calculated blend of:

  • Highly insightful views on how companies and individuals can communicate more effectively
  • Subtle endorsements of the key messages required by the client
  • Outright comedy

Content and duration are always bespoke and will vary according to the brief received.

Graham has a reputation for being corporately sensitive as well as extremely funny, whatever country he is speaking in:

Catherine Atkins Event Manager, Nortel Networks

“The fact that you had tailored your speech towards our industry…made the whole thing feel very special. In a room full of different nationalities, you managed to encompass them all and make everyone laugh at themselves and each other.”

Watch Graham speaking After Dinner:

Graham uses his 15 years experience as a criminal barrister in working to a precise brief about his audience:

Penny Philpot Director, Oracle Corporation

“Graham very skilfully provided light-hearted relief while helping to deliver our key business messages, which he endorsed very cleverly…he had the international audience in stitches.”

Frank Whittaker
Sales & Marketing Director, Granada Food Services

“Thank you for providing such a professionally hilarious end to our conference dinner… I was glad when you finished as my ribs ached and I wanted to stop crying.”