Keynote Speaking

“Presentation” is the hardest of soft skills.

Graham’s keynote will give the audience a snapshot of how they can use the Spoken Word to get what they want, without being addicted to PowerPoint Prozac.

It is designed to be an entertaining and challenging overview, based on the concepts contained in Graham’s best-selling book, The Presentation Coach.

The speech will provide takeaway ideas that audience members can put into action immediately.

Detailed client research and briefing ensures that the content is tailored to fit in with the exact theme of the event, using business and political examples from both sides of the Atlantic. If you would like an idea of the overall style and feel of a recent keynote presentation, watch the video on this page.

The attitude and content of Graham’s keynote can be summed up in 4 seconds and 6 words: Say it, Support it, Shut it.

Clients always receive a full content outline based on the research and pre-briefing as part of the engagement.

Typical topics covered:

  • How to define your Finishing Position: where you want your audience to be by the time you have stopped speaking
  • The use of Micro-Messages to capture and convey your most important arguments
  • Why Spikes are needed to make your points even sharper

David Carrie Operations Director, Bank of Ireland UK

“Graham was chosen to speak in what is typically known as the ‘grave yard’ slot. His energy, wit and charisma uplifted a flagging audience beyond recognition. The results from the feedback questionnaire only served to reinforce his success.”

Ian Jones
Managing Director, Commercial Vehicles, Mercedes-Benz

“I’d like to thank you for your outstanding contribution at our recent Sales Conference. You provided the absolutely perfect balance of business focus and humour. The feedback I have received from many delegates is that you were the highlight of the day.”

Watch Graham Keynoting:


Philip Lewis Williams
National Sales Manager, Boots Pharmaceuticals

“We found your talk both amusing and enjoyable, but at the same time linking in with a serious message. The way that you delivered your presentation with humour was just right for the meeting we had.”